Body issues from a hundred years ago were very different from that of today. Back then, people wanted to be the perfect bride or the perfect gentleman but today, times have very much changed and it’s getting to a point where it’s very unhealthy. People today are fixated on weight and believe being a pound overweight is deadly. There are lots of misconceptions with weight but it seems more are dealing with body issues, more so than ever before.

Can Weight Problems Cause Body Issues?

In a way, weight can cause someone to become self-conscious about their body image. For example, when a woman is overweight or feels as though she’s bigger than what she would like, she can feel embarrassed to wear certain clothes. Some may also feel self-conscious leaving the house as they can feel people are staring at them. This can cause someone to become more self-conscious about their body image and can create an unhealthy body issue (read further here: Mom365). This is happening more and more and it is all down to how people think others perceive them.


Why Do People Have Such A Bad Reaction To Weight Gain?

Putting on a pound or two can have devastating consequences for thousands of people. You wouldn’t think one little pound would cause so much trouble but people think weight gain is the end of the world. It’s the world we live in today. With celebrities getting thinner and having the ‘perfect’ bodies, average Joes are following suit. However, weight gain is a natural thing and without it, we would all be very much the same. It may not be healthy to be overweight but it’s equally unhealthy to be underweight. Issues with body image are fast becoming a major issue and it’s hard to overcome them. Read more from

Modern Lifestyles Are the Real Issue behind Weight and Body Issues

In truth, the world today has caused more people to feel self-conscious about their weight and in a way, modern lifestyles are all to blame. Yes, people can overeat and become less inclined to exercise but if it weren’t for fast-food outlets and new unhealthy snacks littering the market on a month-by-month basis, then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue.

In support with this, Chris Palmer, MD, wrote, “Others point out that “sugar” is no longer sucrose, or table sugar, that our grandmothers used to bake homemade cookies. Instead, it’s highly processed sugars—high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, and the like. There are also other chemicals and additives in most junk food. These have all been developed by food companies to make their foods more “palatable.”” He added, “Food companies don’t want us to eat just one. They want us to eat the whole bag and go buy more.” 

People honestly think that putting on weight is down to self-control but the reality is it isn’t that simple. There is an addiction to sugary food and unhealthy snacks too and with advertising and marketing becoming more intrusive, it’s influencing a lot of people. That is why modern lifestyles are the real cause behind weight and body issues. In the 1900s, there was very little advertising compared to today in terms of chocolate and all other food stuff and there wasn’t an obesity crisis then.

What Can You Do?


When you have an issue with your body it can be difficult to overcome. You would feel hatred towards yourself and even see others in that way too. The truth is that it’s necessary to find a way to tackle weight problems as well as body issues today. For instance, more needs to be done to keep temptation away from those at risk of overeating and eating to mask pain. What’s more, there has to be more energy in tackling body issues that cause people to self-harm and see themselves in an unhealthy light.

“For those demoralized by histories of unsuccessful weight loss efforts, consider shifting your weight loss philosophy from seeing yourself as a person trying to lose weight to a person developing the inner qualities that make weight loss possible,” wrote Thomas Rutledge, PhD.

Don’t Let Your Issues Get You Down

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, underweight, or feel self-conscious about your body—we can all deal with these issues today. Some can dislike being thin, some can dislike being too fat and others just generally hate the way they look, taking weight out of the picture. It’s strange because there is never a happy medium. People are either hateful at the fact they don’t have the perfect body. However, the perfect body doesn’t exist! There is no perfect body and you need to remember that.

According to Ondina Hatvany, LMFT, a “healthy body image means you are comfortable with the body you have. It does not mean you think your body is perfect, rather, that you accept it and commit to loving and caring for it.”

When you are dealing with weight and body issues, it’s wise to look into talking to someone so that you can feel more positively about you in general.