Christmas is a special holiday that brings the family celebration of love and thanksgiving, a joyous gathering of family and friends. Two years ago, our Christmas celebration was a memorable event for our family, for we have experienced different ways of choosing happiness. 


Wedding Bells 

We were all excited and happy for my youngest sister for tying the knot with her best friend. My parents were emotional because their youngest daughter has turned a chapter in her life and this starts by having her own family. Their wedding happened on the 23rd of December, and all of us were thrilled to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a new member of the family. That night was filled with love and happiness; we made sure that every moment was well photographed for us to remember the grand celebration.  


Separate Ways 


 The next day, a few hours before the family dinner for Christmas Eve, my second eldest sister decided to be happy as well as she has decided to have separate ways with her husband. Yes, she made herself happy that day by letting go of the person who was making her life miserable. Coming from a happy and complete family, it was a total irony for my sister to end up with a broken family of her own. Then again, it all happened as she fell in love with an irresponsible man that made her life miserable. For almost seven years, she has put up with her husband’s unbecoming attitudes because as much as possible she wants her family to be complete. She was hoping that one day, her husband would man-up and become a responsible father to their children. However, as days go by, he was becoming unbearable. This has turned my sister to reach a final decision to end all her sufferings.  


Your Choice, Your Happiness 


That night was filled with mixed emotions for the whole family, as we were able to witness two people coming together as one, and two people who have fallen apart. The irony also went well with our emotions; we were happy at the same time worried about my nephews, as this would give them the stigma of a broken family. Fortunately, having strong family ties, my parents made sure, that their grandchildren would never feel incomplete and unloved.  

Witnessing these milestones that my two sisters have gone through made me realized that we are in control of our happiness. It is always up to us if we want to be happy or not, and courage is all that we should have to break away and claim that happiness we ought to have.  

We may find happiness in different ways like what my sisters did – the one got married because she found joy in marrying the person she loves, while the other one decided to part ways from her husband because she was no longer happy. My sisters might have different experiences, but they felt the happiness that they were longing for since then. Most of all, I have come to realize that no matter what happens, we would always choose our family regardless of its wholeness or brokenness.