One of the many things that we tend to forget about is that life is about balance. Balance doesn’t just mean dealing with adverse events but excellent ones as well. It is when we are at the highest points in our lives that we tend to take the greatest of falls. At its core, holistic healing addresses this by making spectrums for mental, emotional, and physical imbalances that will be discussed in detailed here. At any point in time, we sit at the ends of these spectrums when our goal should be to achieve the ‘healthy’ middle ranges, through manipulating the other spectrums and the desired one.

Physical Imbalances



The spectrum of physical health is functional and dysfunctional. How could having a functional body in any sense could be dangerous? Well here are some signs that you are on the shaky side of either of the spectrum:


*Unhappiness with form/Comparing self

These two are hand in hand because how else can you be unhappy with your form if you do not have the desired form in your head already? The goal should be to see how you are changing at your pace.

*Happiness dependent on form

At no point should your happiness come from your looks but rather the efforts that went to achieve the said looks.


If you do not work out at all, then you might find yourself often getting tired in times where you are usually awake. Fatigue should be the sign that you are getting too close to the dysfunctional end of the spectrum.


Mental Imbalances



The range of mental health is positive and negative; This is as abstract as it gets but here are unhealthy signs from both ends to help concrete both of these ends:


*Anxiety/Substance abuse

While one can exist without the other, it is common that anxiety and stress lead to drug addiction. The goal should be to deal with the stress head on and with a sober head.

*Sacrifice consistently for goals

Granted you should chase after fulfillment, but not at the point that you should you sacrifice any of your keys or else you defeated the point in the first place.

*Uncontrollable thoughts

Please, see a therapist because you might be too far on the downside for anyone without experience to help.


Emotional Imbalances

The spectrum of emotional health is joy and despair. Perhaps joy can be seen for it true colors if you call it by its actual name, mania. Here is where emotional imbalances rear its head with:



See uncontrollable thoughts because this issue bleeds into your mental health. When you are bursting in tears in a room of people, then that is just as bad as anything else in this list.

*Dependency on ‘something.’

If you cannot make yourself happy, then what are you to do when this ‘something’ leaves your life? ‘Something’ is a variable that can be absolutely anything.

*Avoiding social issues

This is self-explanatory, but allow us to stress if someone has been avoiding people for months, then this is a serious subject. We often forget that at the end of the day,  we are social animals.


At some point, you are bound to have to deal with one of more of these imbalances and hopefully, you are more aware of how to keep yourself in the desired whole middle. These solutions should not be the end. This will not solve all of your imbalances as with all health it is personal. Take some time out of your day to think about yourself.

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