Our love is a treasure that should always be on display, but only given to those that will value it four times the selling price. There are a surprising amount of people who think that being ‘nice’ or showing strangers love is dangerous to one’s health when it is quite the opposite. The opposition will say that these strong feelings should be reserved for our spouse and children unless you want to mislead someone with your feelings. This article will not only prove that this is entirely false, but that this kind of attitude is partially responsible for the lack of kindness and compassion in the world today.


Golden Rule



The number one golden rule of showing love to those around you is always guarding your love against those who wish to take it for granted. It’s always fantastic to show love and kindness to complete strangers and those you love alike by doing things such as paying for someone’s tab, comforting someone who’s going through rough times, or taking in a less fortunate child. There are people out there who seek out those who are compassionate and kind to use them and make a fool out of them, so you must be able to spot these types of people. Your love is much more valuable than you know, so reserving it for those you deem worthy makes it all the more unique. You shouldn’t feel obligated or like you owe anyone your love and kindness and absolutely no one should make you feel that way.



It’s no secret that human beings are social creatures which make love a huge part of our day to day interactions. We can show love in ways other than romantically, such as hugs after long periods of separation, kisses on the cheek or forehead, or simply giving someone a gift just because you thought about them. There are many ways to love a person without falling for them or having them fall for you. The human race has seemed to fall away from showing love to those that aren’t close to them and has developed a sort of “For me and my only” kind of mentality. We have completely abandoned the art of spreading the love, but that doesn’t mean we can’t restore that. However, it all starts with you. Show as much kindness and love as you can without selling yourself short. Remember, your love and compassion is important. It doesn’t have to be tremendous feats of compassion, but something as straightforward and small as helping a stranded person change a tire, or giving someone change who doesn’t have it to pay their tab fully. Those little things inspire other humans to ‘pay it forward‘, and before you know it, things will come back around to help you in your time of need.


Value your love



Just like the header says, appreciate your love. Love is one of the most powerful things a person can give and receive. Therefore, treat it like you’re Willy Wonka and you’re giving out Golden Tickets. Also treat other’s how you wish to be treated and if other’s don’t adhere to those rules, kick them out of your life. Your love is valuable and exclusive, so you should always treat it as such. Never forget to spread love and compassion to those you feel moved to and watch out for those who only want to make a come up off of you. Though, never be afraid to offer a helping hand and spread love and positivity.

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