It is hard when you are going through something. Going through a mental health disorder is not something that you ignore and sometimes medication and therapy only help a bit. You have to free your mind and not be afraid of people knowing what you’re going through. Blogging, according to psychologists, can be a place where you can share this to the world and be an inspiration for people who are going through the same thing as you are.

Safe Space To Share

There are a lot of people that are experiencing what you have been experiencing. Just like you, they want someone who knows the struggle of having a mental disorder or any other thing that has been bothering them. You would want a safe place to share your feelings and creating a blog is creating that space where you and your readers could share your struggles and help each other overcome this by supporting each other.


Creating a blog and having regular readers who appreciate your work and can relate to your stories is like building your community.

Pamela Rutledge, PhD, MBA, director of the Media Psychology Research Center and media psychology program faculty at Fielding Graduate University, expands on the upside of social media. “It can normalize life’s difficulties (loss, illness, hardships) and give you ideas of how to cope. Sharing goals can provide motivation (behavior change goals like weight loss, fitness, quitting smoking, etc.) and gives you a way to seek support at any time.”

A community that supports and listens to one another and who do not judge because you all have been through the same things and now you come out stronger, together.


A Healthy Creative Outlet

According to Deborah Serani, PsyD, “There’s a lot of science grounding expressive language writing and journaling as being an extremely helpful piece for maintaining mental wellness.”

Creating a blog is like giving yourself an outlet to put your thoughts into words and make it creative and exciting. Giving yourself this will help you manage your emotions, and there will be people who can help you and also share with you their thoughts and how they are coping with their problems. Also, you could express your thoughts and emotions freely and how you want it and it will help you a lot and will take a lot of burden from your shoulders especially when you see that people are responding positively to what you’re writing.

Blogging can be an excellent experience for people to let out their thoughts and their opinions and to share the beautiful experiences in their everyday life. It’s scary because there are questions like “Will anyone bother to read my blogs?” or “What if my posts are boring?”

There are billions of people around the world going through challenges every day just like you. People tend to think they are alone and that they cannot deal with the problems they are having. People like them look for inspiration, a person who goes through something but instead of making it seem so impossible to get through, they make it seem like it’s the most natural thing they have encountered. This is what people feel when reading a blog that they can relate to.

“It is not necessary to write about the most traumatic experience of your life. It is more important to focus on those issues that you are currently living with,” wrote clinical worker and psychotherapist Sharon K. Farber, PhD. And it is easy and fast to start your own and make significant changes for you and the people around you that you can inspire.

  1. Choose a Domain Name. There are a lot of blogs with the same topics so don’t get discouraged if your chose domain name is already taken. You have to be creative with your name. You could then buy your new domain name so it cannot be used again and your name will be the only one.
  2. Get Hosting. If you want your blog to be well – known and make money, get a host. It is expensive to get a host, but you will be motivated to work harder on your blog. There are a lot of hosts you could find, all you have to do is research the best host for your blog and budget.
  3. Install WordPress. If you get to find a good host, they will help you with doing this.
  4. Give Your Blog a Title. The title can be a different name from your domain name, but it also can be the same; whichever you prefer will work.
  5. Consider the Design of Your Blog. You will find a lot of good designs on WordPress, but there are more choices out there if you want something else. You could find beautiful designs at reasonable prices.
  6. Start Writing! Yes, you can start writing after these five steps. You don’t necessarily have to write a ton of blogs before you can publish your site. You could always write one blog and then publish so your readers would know what they are expecting from you and what more there is you can give them.

With six steps, you now have your blog. This is the time where you can let go of your thoughts and put them into writing and then inspiring readers around the world with your posts. Now you can feel a lot better when you express your feelings and when you see that there are other people out there who are just like you that also needs the support that you need and then you can build your community within your blog.

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