Letting go of a love that was never meant to be yours is one of the most terrible ordeals in life. It will consume your whole being and all your emotions as if it is the end of the world. Getting through it makes it even more challenging as you would find it impossible to overcome because of the unbearable pain. 


Apparently, Time Heals. 

Life may be hard for us sometimes, but its possibilities are even more amazing. Moving on from heartbreak and finding happiness along the way has made me appreciate how fantastic life is. There is truth to the saying “a rainbow after the rain.” After giving myself a complete closure of unrequited love, I have given myself enough time to enjoy life. I started doing the things that would make me feel happy, tried the things I have deprived myself before because I would typically choose him over other things. It was like I have rebooted my life and start to experience my entire existence. I am fortunate enough to have given the time to see the beauty of life after confining myself into a world of a one-sided love affair. I am thankful that time has given me the chance to forgive myself and start anew. 


It Is Not Your Typical Happy Ending


This unfortunate experience has contributed to my understanding of how life’s turn of events can sometimes come with surprising results. I started to understand how life rolls on. Before, I began to believe that happiness could only be attained when you have found someone whom you can share your experience forever. 

For so long, I have kept the possible ways of finding happiness and placing love in a box. This brings me to the point of making others happy while sacrificing my pursuit of happiness. There is no harm in doing this, just make sure that the person you have engaged all your time and effort is also returning the favor. For me, the opposite was my ultimate end.  

It will not be an easy path – the recovery to heal from a broken relationship can take time. A part of you has been taken away. In my case, I am both relieved and depressed at the same time. However, at the end of my journey, it was more of a relief because I finally accepted my faults and my blindness towards handling the entire relationship where I was only exerting effort to make things happen for both of us. Somehow, I felt a glimmer of hope and happiness unfolded right in front of me just like a sun’s ray start to shine after a stormy day. 


Starting Anew  


I have several suitors now. But I am not yet open to having another serious relationship. I must regain my old self, and enjoy my singlehood by spending more time with my friends, going out and experience new adventures, travel alone and meet new cultural practices. The world is my playground right now, and I am not ready to give it up yet. I am not also closing the doors of intimate relationships. This time, I will let my instinct guide me and my rational mind to discern if it’s alright to begin another sentimental journey with someone who will also love me back.