Exercise. People have a love and hate relationship with it. Everyone knows that the benefits of exercise can significantly impact a person’s physical and mental health. Many types of research support that exercise releases happy hormones called endorphins, thus stabilizing moods. In a way, exercise can be utilized as a complementary therapy to mental illnesses. Despite the many affirmations and significant benefits of exercise, there are still some people who don’t get into the system and practice it.

“Many people skip the workout at the very time it has the greatest payoff. That prevents you from noticing just how much better you feel when you exercise,” Michael Otto, PhD, says.

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The time old secret to achieving your dream or goals when it comes to your body weight or specific target physically is motivation. How do you achieve and stay motivated to do something you don’t feel like doing? Typical, a Type A personality response would be to do it naturally. Cut the whining and excuses they say, but for ordinary individuals, just the mere thought of gym or workout is enough reason to stay longer in bed. Some individuals sign up with a personal exercise therapist. Modern science finally comes out with research and scientifically backed information. It was published in Health Psychology wherein the study revealed that people who utilize exercise triggers are more likely to stick to their workout plans as compared to those who don’t. The researchers stated that trigger could be anything under the sun. In fact, the trigger can be as simple as seeing your gym bag. Triggers can depend on the person and might not work for all. Here are a few triggers that are effective for some women.


Remember Your Busy Schedule

A licensed therapist at BetterHelp once said that reminding yourself of how busy your life is, may work as a double-edged sword. It can be used as an excuse not to work out as well as a reason to work out. It is mostly a matter of perspective. A woman from Queens, NY psyche herself to check work out sessions in her to-do lists as soon as possible because she wouldn’t have any other free time to do the activity. This then leads to successive visits until it became a routine.

“It really just comes back to finding what works for you and using that time to take a break from studying, research and all the other things that demand your attention,” sport psychologist Kate F. Hays, PhD, says.  

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Shameless Bribery Might Work

Maybe, a little bit of shopping incentive is all you need to start working out. If you tried shopping for cute and latest work out outfits and it was not sufficient on your part then another technique might be worth trying. Order a bunch of clothes for summer and have it delivered to the gym giving you a reason to work out. Talk with your coach, and tell him/her to provide you with one item as a reward for achieved goals.

“Token reward systems work well,” says Dr. Costas Karageorghis, PhD. “Set yourself rewards for achieving stages along the way.”

Work Out In Your Pajamas

If morning workouts are often spent pressing the snooze button, then considering this trick might work. Try sleeping in your work-out clothes that way, when the alarm rings, all you need to do is to get up and now, you are ready to sweat it out. You won’t have to force yourself to workout because you already programmed it.

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The Pain Of Seeing Embarrassing Photos On Facebook

Social media plays an exciting role in our daily lives. People cringe at throwback pictures that Facebook regularly informs us. Also, people filter and curate their news feed to be aesthetically pleasing to the followers and friends. At some level, social media is dictating us to show the best version of one’s self to the world. This might sound drastic, but some individuals seek help from their friends.  They would let their friends “hostage” their photos for them to stick to their work out plans.

Whatever works for you, it is time to start an exercise regime. Do it because you need to. The body and mind need to be refreshed or reboot to start a new perspective again.