The 2016 Atlanta Mental Health Awareness Month focuses on the minority of mental health affected individuals who seek help. It aims to promote unbiased assistance to any gender, race, ethnicity, and status of people who experience the difficulties of having a mental illness. The awareness month wants to promote aid that does not only share information about specific conditions. It also wants to establish a health treatment available, accessible, and suitable for those who may be in need. That includes the minority of African-Americans who battles with a wide variety of mental illness silently.


The Advocacy For Future Recovery

Since there are many issues regarding mental illness assistance, health insurance coverage, and treatment facilities in most communities, there is a lower record of high-quality care. That becomes the primary reason why a need for a unique perspective is a must. The journey of resilience and recovery of those individuals with psychological condition continue to increase its number. Therefore, the healthcare system becomes responsible for the majority of the said issue. But since there are a lot of people who do not consider seeking professional help due to a certain stigma, the problem builds up a barrier for healthcare assistance. That is why all government and private sectors must work hand-in-hand in providing what is necessarily essential for those who are in need but don’t consider asking for help.


The way people look at mental illness will never change not unless they learn to accept and understand its cause and symptoms. The government and organizations need to address the growing battle for mental wellness and support advocacies with empathy, compassion, and understanding. With this encouragement, the reduction of people who are living with the stigma of mental illness somehow becomes possible. The positive approach helps in bringing back functioning individuals in society.

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