There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing, wholeness. Wholeness is not something that someone can accomplish overnight or even years, as only self-reflection and knowledge can get us half way there. The first key is physical health which is the easiest to detect. There are several ways that you can fix this, which we will discuss here, but do not think that this article could cover every possible solution.

Are you physically unwell?

There are a few signs to tell that you or someone else is physically ill, that include, but by no means are limited to:



1.) Weakened immune system

Do you find yourself often getting sick? While numerous other things could lead to this, a lack of exercise is a huge contributor.Proper fitness, dieting, vitamins and with a visit to your doctor for a check-up will help; however, it is just as likely that stress is the cause.

2.) Higher blood pressure

Stress is the common thread between all of these symptoms. In times before colonization, humans faced many scenarios where they needed to fight or flight as either choice would lead to an increase in adrenaline and blood pressure. Only life or death situations causes a surge of adrenaline, but this is not true of blood pressure as our bodies still increase it during moments of heavy stress as it did in the past.

3.) Higher cholesterol

The same scenario as the above, but more often is not due to a high sodium diet. The higher your cholesterol then, the greater the risk you have of heart attack or stroke.

4.) Fatigue

Fatigue is one of two symptoms that heavily depends on your exercise program. Most people can handle their day to day task but often find themselves tired. It is when we push ourselves in this weak state, that causes harm to both physical and mental health.

5.) Fewer hours sleeping

Numerous things from stress to insomnia could cause this, but when coupled with all of the other symptoms then that is a sign that our physical health is at risk.

6.) Weight problems

Weight dilemmas are the other symptoms that work off of your exercise regimen, and like the others, stress plays its hand in this as well. A typical response to stress is to comfort eat which leads to weight gain that puts extra pressure on our heart and organs.


Small steps to getting well

Your number of solutions can take many shapes and forms so figure out what works best for you, but for starters, you could:



1.) Do any exercise

No exercise will help you overnight. Exercise comes in many forms and flavors from just a leisure stroll around a lake or breaking a sweat in the gym. What is important is, making sure that you do just a little more every day and push yourself to your limit in whatever you choose to do.

2.) Less indulgence

Despite what the media would have you believe relaxation is about taking breaks or sitting in front of the television. The best stress reliever is fulfillment. Take an hour or so out of your day to work on a personal project.

3.) Deep breaths

We often forget how helpful it is to take a deep breath in times of high stress. A clear head is needed to make important decisions during these moments, and deep breaths will get you much further than anything else.

4.) Appreciation

Do you have food, shelter, and water? These are small things but take a moment to appreciate them because one day you may not be so lucky to have them.


Keeping yourself well

Congratulations if you feel motivated or started to do any of the above-mentioned things. Now that you are on the right track, how do you stay on it? The buddy system works best because not only do you have someone to keep you accountable, but exercising is tons more fun when there is playful competition. Remember all the training in the world is useless if you do not follow a proper diet or find the silver linings in situations. All it takes is a simple google search to know what is a good diet for someone of your weight/height/etc. and take the extra mile to track your calories. The same goes for finding the silver lining in every scenario. As long as you can find a little bit of good in everything, then life would seem a lot more bearable.