There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing which is wholeness. Time, self-reflection, and knowledge are vital to achieving this aim. The second key, emotional, is the most frequently changing and requires close attention of all the keys. There are many telltale signs that your emotional health is in disarray but the solutions, like many aspects of holistic healing, is personal as this article will attempt to solve general emotional issues that we as humans face every day. This needs immediate resolution early on if one wants to avoid being vulnerable to vicious habits such as alcohol, drug abuse, and the like, to the point of needing help with addiction.

Are you emotionally unwell?

If you are under any suspension that you or someone that you love is emotionally ill, then pay close attention to any of these:

  • Sleep disturbances


When we are troubled by any of life issues, then we tend to get less sleep, but all too often, if the scenario is dire, then we may try to run away from the real world by sleeping more. Six to eight hours are perfectly fine, but when you start to step anywhere outside of this range, then you could be emotionally sick.

2.) Changes in eating

Stress eating is a common issue with people who have emotional turmoil as it brings them temporary comfort. Eating less than normal however is just as deadly. It is best to cook for one whom you suspect is emotionally unwell to make sure they eat properly and throw away nothing.

3.) Difficulty of controlling anger/sadness

One of the more visible signs out of all the ones listed here. If you love one or know yourself then take a moment to answer this question honestly; Have they/you snapped on someone that doesn’t deserve it?

4.) Obsessive behaviors

Does it take you an hour to leave your house because you must complete your rituals (relocking/touching things)? You might have more anxiety than you can handle alone.

5.) Memory problems

When our bodies cannot handle problems, we tend to shut down. One of the first thing that shuts down is our awareness of the problem along with many other issues.

Personalizing emotional well-being

Now with this article, along with the power of holistic healing, have you solve the emotional issue that is currently afflicting you? No. To that, we profusely apologize but nothing will. There are two parts to any emotional problem that you will face in life: the situation and your reaction. Your position could range from anything to:

*The loss of a loved one

*The losing of a loved one

*College debt/bills

*General disappointment at position in life



First and foremost, I want to send my heart out to anyone going through these issues, but if it is any condolences, then you are not the only one to currently go through these problems.


Handling future emotional distress

You must realize that you will not be able to control the path that life takes you on but can control the only thing that you can in life, yourself. Here are some best possible reactions to the above-mentioned situations:

*Acceptance is hard but is required of you. Try to focus on the time that you had instead of what you won’t have anymore.

*Spend all the possible time that you can with your loved one and treasure it as if it will be gone any minute! My biggest regret.

*If your debt is so large that you are seeking help, then sacrifice all that you can to get more money.

*Do you have food, water, and shelter? Well, take a second to appreciate what you have and look hard for what fulfills you.

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