There are many aspects of our mental health that we don’t address every day. One of the most common factors that are affected by mental illness is our social interactions. We, as human beings, should never forget that a healthy social life is very crucial to us. This is why when we are not in good terms with someone important in our lives it will affect other spheres of our health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Like all aspects of holistic healing, our individual and unique lives are the most important factors. This article may not help you fix things with your parents whom you haven’t spoken to in many¬†years, but it may put you on the right track to doing so, and possibly fixing that relationship.

Never Too Late



Much like the header implies, it’s never too late to restore a failing relationship or friendship if you try to put in the effort. A good start to begin the repairing process is honesty. Being honest with your family, friends, or significant other, is a wonderful way to instill trust in a relationship. Being able to put aside your ego, being open, willing to share and be shared with, is a valuable aspect of any relationship.

Remember, relationships, both platonic and romantic, built on pretenses are never long lasting. Another way to repair and maintain relationships is restoring trust. As mentioned also in What To Expect site, If a relationship is a house, trust is the foundation and the bricks. Trust is hard to fix if broken, but you should try your best to do so to your ability. Try to start by, again, being honest, and being more dependable. Be there for the person you care about by showing support, whether it be emotional, mental, or even physical. It’s also imperative to go about the repairing process by the other’s set boundaries. Not only does this help earn back trust, but it also makes a loved one feel respected.

When to Move on

We all hate when a relationship falls through the cracks no matter how much effort we put into it, and sadly that’s just how life is sometimes. Some relationships cannot be repaired, and it’s important that you prepare yourself for that possible outcome. It won’t be easy dealing with a failure in a relationship, but learning from mistakes made in previous relationships will help you in the future with forming long-lasting, healthy ones. You must also know when to let go of a failed relationship and recognize the signs.

For example, when a person turns cold towards you by making themselves emotionally unavailable or just ignoring your attempts at reconciliation or tries to avoid you and ignore all attempts of communication. Again, it’s okay if a relationship doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you just have to learn from it, let go, and move on. However, we all know that that’s easier said than done. Maybe you felt strongly about that person you lost and hate that you had to let them go, and that’s perfectly reasonable. The moving on process doesn’t have to be done in days, weeks, or months, but it has to be done eventually. More moving on tips are available here at She Knows website.

Maintaining Relationships



Now that you know how to fix a relationship and learn from it if one fails, there’s nothing you can’t do to keep your previous ones going strong. Just remember to always keep yourself open and available to the people you care about, respect any and all boundaries, and above all else, never let your loved one forget that you care for them and that you’ll support them through anything.

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