A purpose is an aspect of life that is one of the hardest for humans to come to terms with other than death. When people think of purpose, they think of something they could see themselves doing for the rest of their lives and enjoying every second of it. For some people this is true. However, for the vast majority, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Most of us feel that we either fill multiple purposes or have to shift through many situations to discover what ours truly is. Having outside help such as in definitely can go a step closer. This article is intended to help the latter possibly speed up the process of finding a job that fills ones with life with meaning. Feeling one’s life with an important task or job can do wonders for our mental and emotional health as with many aspects of holistic healing time, knowledge, and self-reflection is needed to achieve wholeness.

Realm of possibility




The most daunting aspect of finding one’s purpose is the hundreds or even thousands of possibilities one can choose. From fine art to crime work to gardening, there’s a large variety of possible occupations that could give one the purpose in life that they need. Don’t be intimidated by this though; one has all the time in the world to find something or somethings that best suit them and give them a sense of purpose. It’s best not to rush into things and see what works for you. Everyone is different, and while one person might have known their calling in life from age six, the other might find it forty years into their lives. Everyone is on different levels, and that’s perfectly okay. As long as you find what gives your life meaning in the end. Don’t be intimidated by other’s successes in life, and pursue yours with all the determination in the world.

Carefully choosing influences

A lot of people find their purpose in life by observing influential people such as Ariana Grande or Leonardo DiCaprio, or someone much more close to homes like their parents or teachers. There is nothing wrong with this; however, it’s crucial to choose one’s role models carefully. Setting realistic goals for oneself is extremely important in finding purpose in life. Having such high expectations can also be a way to keep oneself from finding peace in their lives. Being a world class singer is an obtainable dream, but only slightly. It could take years to get a record label to notice you and even then it would take years more to become recognizable to a high degree. Be sure to set your goals in life high, but not impossibly so. You should always hold high standards for yourself, but make sure they don’t run you ragged or separate you from those you love the most.

Only you can/should decide your purpose




At the end of the day, your life’s purpose is entirely in your hands. It doesn’t matter if it takes years to find out what brings you happiness in life, or decades. As long as you made a choice to do what you love and what gives you purpose, that’s all that matters. Taking advice from people may be beneficial, but don’t just settle for an occupation only because it’s taking you too long to find something you truly like or because someone important in your life pushed you to it. Your life is yours alone, and happiness is something you deserve. Remember, a purpose is something you give yourself and cannot be taken away by anyone else or their accomplishments. Be true to yourself and obtain true happiness and health.

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