It is when things are at their best that we should be on our watch. There is a saying in holistic healing that boils down to that, it is in our highest of moments that we take the biggest of falls. All we can do is brace ourselves for this fall to lessen the damage. Instead of dealing with the spheres of wellness, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual we will discuss health in a broad sense with scenarios that we are all bound to face in this society. As with any aspect of holistic healing, it is all personal and requires self-reflection to manipulate these decreases/increases to our overall health.

According to Martin Seligman, PhD, Positive health encompasses the understanding that “people desire well-being in its own right and they desire it above and beyond the relief of their suffering.” 


Counter the Decreases

Now this might not include all of the reductions in health in your life, but this list should be general enough to know where you can create your idea to deal with them yourself:





This might be a hard pill to swallow, the only thing that you can do is make yourself happy which includes hanging out with happy people, talking to a therapist, and getting outside more.


Job dissatisfaction

It might not always be possible , but try to line other jobs up. Remember never to quit a job, no matter what, until you are sure that you have one that pays just as well if not more.


Living alone

While we all might not be charismatic to get someone in the bed with us, there is always a pet or child that is wanting your attention and love. Just anything living so that you aren’t living alone.


Working long hours



This will not be an issue if you need the money so just take the time to ask your boss for fewer hours. Please remember that doing so will negatively impact your earnings for the upcoming months.


Regrets about the past

The past will never change no matter how you feel about it, so just move on. This baggage that you are carrying about the past will only make it harder to walk forward in the present.


Absence of close friends

Now please be careful about trying to get new close friends because this is a not a title that you should hand out with. Take the time to casually know people better before you even call them your friend.


Maintain the Increases

The same for the above, decreases in health can be applied to the increases as well:


Feeling of personal happiness

Personal happiness means that you are on the right track. If you are worried about this going away, then take the time to assess the things that make you happy in your life and find a way to hold them close to you.

“No-one other than the individual concerned can truly know how they are feeling inside,” wrote Thalia Eley, BA, PhD.


Taking regular holidays



Congratulations, but remember that when you are not working,  you are not earning money. I am sure you know this, so just keep taking it at your own pace.


Ability to laugh easily

Wow! If you can do this, then you have life all figured out.



The same as the increase as mentioned earlier.


The balancing act

In closing, just try to learn more about yourself. It is impossible to balance the negatives and positives if you do not know what those are.

“Let’s not waste any more lives, because once we know that abilities are capable of such growth, it becomes a basic human right for children, all children, to live in places that create that growth, to live in places filled with “yet,” said Carol Dweck, PhD.

One of the most difficult parts of holistic healing is the time that is required for self-reflection because you need to look deep inside of yourself and be honest. Once you answer this, then all that is left is the courage required to take action for your happiness to which we wish you the best of luck.