“Are you happy?”

That is a question that I had been getting all my life from my parents, my relatives, and sometimes even my friends.

I knew the reason behind it. You see, my mom and dad often called me a blessing in disguise because I was conceived when they were dating. However, they were not in love with each other, so they decided to co-parent instead of marrying each other out of responsibility. It was a bizarre setup even back in the 90s, so the people around me often felt the need to tiptoe or ask about my feelings to ensure that they were not overstepping any boundaries.

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Most people seemed not to realize that my upbringing was different from that of a child whose parents went through a divorce. I grew up knowing that I had a mom and dad, but they were not together. I had a room in both their houses and never felt alienated in any way. If I had a school recital, both would be there, and they would be I supportive as any other parents would. I had always been aware that they were not meant to be, so I never felt any resentment towards either of them for not trying to make their relationship work. So, to answer the question, “Yes, I am happy.”

What Real Happiness Lets You Do

Of course, I am sensitive to the fact that I was technically an anomaly, considering I had many schoolmates with the same family setup who hated their parents for it. They would do everything to make sure that their parents would get together and hopefully reunite with each other to the extent that they would get themselves in trouble. Sometimes, it worked, but most of the time, it did not.

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I honestly felt sad for those kids because they did not know what real happiness meant. It can open you up to a lot of things that bitter, jealous, or self-centered people might never experience, such as:

Have An Excellent Karma

Happy individuals are contented with their own lives, so there is no room for revenge or negative feelings in their hearts. The result is that they don’t feel the need to hog all their blessings. Everything they do is for the benefit of others.

I have proven it one too many times whenever I came across people who questioned my decision to volunteer at homeless shelters, build houses for low-income families, or donate clothes to orphanages. I would not always have free time, yes. I could not splurge like the others, yes. But I was often drowned in more blessings than they ever got, thanks to my good karma.

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Become Lovable To Everyone

If you have not noticed it yet, many adults in the neighborhood tend to be indifferent to teenagers. After all, they have a terrible reputation of being rebels and not caring about manners. However, since I was always happy, I never got intimidated by them. Instead, I would even wave, say hi, or strike a quick conversation with any neighbor I would see on the street.

Soon enough, I became the most loved teenager in the neighborhood. I only learned about it when one of my schoolmates came up to me and told me to quit greeting the elders because her mother wanted her to do the same. All I said was, “Mommas know best, don’t they?”

Find Success In Life

Whenever I talk about finding success because I am happy, some cynical people argue that they know vile folks who have amassed more money than they can ever spend. I would reply, “Yes, but I am not talking about the financial aspect alone. Being successful means you find success in all facets of your life – be it career, love, and other respects.” Then, the conversation would end there because the cynics would leave, unable to come up with another snarky remark.

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This is the reality that stumps most people. They always make the word “success” synonymous with “financial wealth” when there are more invaluable treasures in the world. In my case, for instance, I had two sets of families caring for me. They made it known from the start I would have a home with them forever. Then, since my happiness improved my confidence, I rose to the ranks of the corporate world quickly, which made my career successful, too. Having both treasures tends to be impossible when you’re sullen or constantly think about money.

Final Thoughts

There are more amazing things that a person can achieve in life as long as you are happy. Happiness means accepting everyone and everything on a positive note, after all.

I know that being happy does not always come naturally to everyone. That’s especially true for teenagers and young adults who blame their parents for all their issues. However, when you feel ready, find forgiveness in your heart and move on. That’s the start to experiencing real happiness.