The Importance Of Surroundings




Look around your surroundings right now and what is the first feeling that comes to your mind? If relaxation, happiness, or satisfaction is not some of the words, then there is an issue with your environment that could be subtly affecting your emotional health. It is astounding just how big of a factor that our environment can play on our health indirectly.

“When we look at our environment, we take it all in visually,” Alicia Clark  Psy.D., MS, PLLC says. “If we’re already dealing with a lot in our mind and now we’re looking at a lot [clutter] in our home or office space, it can make us feel stuck and bogged down.”

A clean room is followed in kind with a fresh mind. A clean mind is not one that is without a trace of perversion but one that lacks distracting thoughts such as, “I should clean up” when you should be spent focusing on ways to improve you. Curious if your surroundings is up to par?  Then read on.…