Why You Need To Take A Break From Work

Everyone needs a vacation from work sometimes. However, there are still lots of people who don’t really use their vacation time. Whether you plan to go out of town or just stay at home, it’s crucial that you have a break to keep your stress in check. Taking a break isn’t about avoiding responsibilities, it’s about making the responsibility to take care and look after you.…

The Link Between Physical Activity And Mental Well-Being


In this day and age, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and body which is a good thing, actually. Social networks and the internet have a great impact with today’s standard of what a perfect body should look like. Celebrities, famous bloggers, and people in the entertainment industry alike have so much influence with today’s teens and even adults.

An expert at BetterHelp believes that one of the most common reasons why people nowadays take physical activities seriously is because they are striving to achieve their “perfect body”. Toned arms and legs with rock hard abs are of the many goals of people who are into physical activities.…

Dealing With Increases/Decreases To Overall Health


It is when things are at their best that we should be on our watch. There is a saying in holistic healing that boils down to that, it is in our highest of moments that we take the biggest of falls. All we can do is brace ourselves for this fall to lessen the damage. Instead of dealing with the spheres of wellness, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual we will discuss health in a broad sense with scenarios that we are all bound to face in this society. As with any aspect of holistic healing, it is all personal and requires self-reflection to manipulate these decreases/increases to our overall health.

According to Martin Seligman, PhD, Positive health encompasses the understanding that “people desire well-being in its own right and they desire it above and beyond the relief of their suffering.” 


Counter the Decreases

Now this might not include all of the reductions in health in your life, but this list should be general enough to know where you can create your idea to deal with them yourself:…

The Keys To Wellness (Physical)



There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing, wholeness. Wholeness is not something that someone can accomplish overnight or even years, as only self-reflection and knowledge can get us half way there. The first key is physical health which is the easiest to detect. There are several ways that you can fix this, which we will discuss here, but do not think that this article could cover every possible solution.…


Weight And Body Issues

Body issues from a hundred years ago were very different from that of today. Back then, people wanted to be the perfect bride or the perfect gentleman but today, times have very much changed and it’s getting to a point where it’s very unhealthy. People today are fixated on weight and believe being a pound overweight is deadly. There are lots of misconceptions with weight but it seems more are dealing with body issues, more so than ever before.

Can Weight Problems Cause Body Issues?

In a way, weight can cause someone to become self-conscious about their body image. For example, when a woman is overweight or feels as though she’s bigger than what she would like, she can feel embarrassed to wear certain clothes. Some may also feel self-conscious leaving the house as they can feel people are staring at them. This can cause someone to become more self-conscious about their body image and can create an unhealthy body issue (read further here: Mom365). This is happening more and more and it is all down to how people think others perceive them.

Why Do People Have Such A Bad Reaction To Weight Gain?

Putting on a pound or two can have devastating consequences for thousands of people. You wouldn’t think one little pound would cause so much trouble but people think weight gain is the end of the world. It’s the world we live in today. With celebrities getting thinner and having the ‘perfect’ bodies, average Joes are following suit. However, weight gain is a natural thing and without it, we would all be very much the same. It may not be healthy to be overweight but it’s equally unhealthy to be underweight. Issues with body image are fast becoming a major issue and it’s hard to overcome them. Read more from http://www.uncoveryourbliss.com/eating-stop-pain/

Modern Lifestyles Are the Real Issue behind Weight and Body Issues

In truth, the world today has caused more people to feel self-conscious about their weight and in a way, modern lifestyles are all to blame. Yes, people can overeat and become less inclined to exercise but if it weren’t for fast-food outlets and new unhealthy snacks littering the market on a month-by-month basis, then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue.

In support with this, Chris Palmer, MD, wrote, “Others point out that “sugar” is no longer sucrose, or table sugar, that our grandmothers used to bake homemade cookies. Instead, it’s highly processed sugars—high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, and the like. There are also other chemicals and additives in most junk food. These have all been developed by food companies to make their foods more “palatable.”” He added, “Food companies don’t want us to eat just one. They want us to eat the whole bag and go buy more.” 

People honestly think that putting on weight is down to self-control but the reality is it isn’t that simple. There is an addiction to sugary food and unhealthy snacks too and with advertising and marketing becoming more intrusive, it’s influencing a lot of people. That is why modern lifestyles are the real cause behind weight and body issues. In the 1900s, there was very little advertising compared to today in terms of chocolate and all other food stuff and there wasn’t an obesity crisis then.

What Can You Do?

When you have an issue with your body it can be difficult to overcome. You would feel hatred towards yourself and even see others in that way too. The truth is that it’s necessary to find a way to tackle weight problems as well as body issues today. For instance, more needs to be done to keep temptation away from those at risk of overeating and eating to mask pain. What’s more, there has to be more energy in tackling body issues that cause people to self-harm and see themselves in an unhealthy light.

“For those demoralized by histories of unsuccessful weight loss efforts, consider shifting your weight loss philosophy from seeing yourself as a person trying to lose weight to a person developing the inner qualities that make weight loss possible,” wrote Thomas Rutledge, PhD.

Don’t Let Your Issues Get You Down

It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, underweight, or feel self-conscious about your body—we can all deal with these issues today. Some can dislike being thin, some can dislike being too fat and others just generally hate the way they look, taking weight out of the picture. It’s strange because there is never a happy medium. People are either hateful at the fact they don’t have the perfect body. However, the perfect body doesn’t exist! There is no perfect body and you need to remember that.

According to Ondina Hatvany, LMFT, a “healthy body image means you are comfortable with the body you have. It does not mean you think your body is perfect, rather, that you accept it and commit to loving and caring for it.”

When you are dealing with weight and body issues, it’s wise to look into talking to someone so that you can feel more positively about you in general.



Big And Not So Proud

Women and men dream of being thin throughout their lives, but being thin doesn’t come easy. You can eat healthily and exercise but still, be a little bigger than what you would like. It’s human nature to be different and, in truth, being on the big side can be a very common thing for most people. Unfortunately, there are many who get to a point in their lives where weight overtakes all other things and becomes their sole focus.

How Do You Feel About Your Weight?

For some, they don’t mind being larger and even find it’s something that actually suits them. Some have been big at one point in their lives, lost a lot of weight and found that they looked far older and realized that becoming thin didn’t suit their new looks. It’s strange but true in a lot of cases. However, there have also been many who’ve lost weight and love their new looks. You can lose weight but not become too thin to the point that you would dislike yourself, something you should remember. Large and not so proud? You aren’t alone in this but you shouldn’t always be afraid to be who you are if that is who you love.

Why Do You Hate Being Large?

What has made you dislike who you are? Have you been bullied, taunted, or have just seen yourself in a new light? No matter what it is, it’s important to understand your change of heart. It could be that you were always unhappy about your weight but were never able to do anything about it. Alternatively, it might be that someone has said something to make you see your body differently. It’s quite important to understand why you are feeling the way you do as it can be a positive way to start seeing you in a positive light and find a way to move forward. You don’t have to be proud to be large but you don’t have to hate yourself for it either. It’s important to remember that just because you are larger it doesn’t make you a bad person. Weight gain can be done easily, but it’s very had to shed off. Continue reading.

Making Positive Steps to Change the Way You Feel

If you are someone who feels very negatively about your body and you feel that you need to do something about the extra pounds, you can make small changes. Those small changes can lead to big things and help you get on the road to a happier and healthier life. You can lose some excess pounds and feel better about yourself or just feel a lot fitter. Positive steps can be very influential whether it’s walking to work every day, feeling able to do so or just play with the kids. Little changes are going to push you and inspire you to do more. Being on the big side doesn’t always have to be a bad thing but if you want to make a change you can if you want to. Don’t be pushed into doing anything you don’t want to. More info coming from http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/diets/815189/weight-loss-diet-water

Think Positively and Love Your Body

Don’t be ashamed of your body. You might not be a size zero but you don’t have to be. You can be a size ten, twenty, or forty and feel happy about your body.

“Try to think of your body as something to care for instead of something that needs to be whipped into a certain shape. The more respect and kindness you can show your body, the easier it will be to make the choices that help you take good care of it,” writes Renee Engeln Ph.D.

Everyone has this unhealthy obsession with weight but who says being skinny or thin is that attractive or appealing? Being overweight or larger is nothing to be ashamed of and you don’t have to feel like an outcast.

“Researchers have spent decades building a persuasive body of evidence that exposure to images of the ultra-thin beauty ideal for women is bad news for body image. On top of that, these images can play a key role in the development of eating disorders. When those images are digitally altered to create a level of beauty that is truly unreal (instead of just unusual), their effects on women’s self-esteem can be even more potent,” writes Renee Engeln Ph.D.

Ultimately, be proud of who you are, your achievements, and feel happy with your own skin.

“Self-compassion goes beyond simply turning the tables on which body types are valued and which ones are disparaged. Instead, it involves acknowledging that beauty comes in many forms, and that no one is perfect,” writes Juliana Breines Ph.D.


weight loss

Eating To Stop The Pain

What do you do when you are feeling unwanted, unloved, and upset? Do you reach for a bottle of wine? Do you reach for a lovely bar of chocolate? For most, they find comfort in food and while that might sound strange, it’s occurring more frequently than ever before. The truth is it’s almost too easy to eat to stop the pain we feel. Men and women do this—although women tend to get more publicity—and it’s a vicious cycle to break free from. Sometimes, it’s far easier to eat something to make you feel better about a situation or indeed your life. It’s far more common than it once was.

“Most people think emotional eating is due to a lack of self-control. However, in my extensive work with eating disorders and disordered eating, I would say that is rarely the case. If emotional eating were a simple issue of discipline, we could easily find this discipline without torturing ourselves over meal plans, paying money for special diets, and constantly obsessing about who is eating what and when,” writes Jennifer Kromberg, PsyD.

Why More Are Turning To Food

“When we’re stressed, our bodies are flooded in cortisol,” said author and clinical psychologist Susan Albers, PsyD. “That makes us crave sugary, fatty, salty foods.”

It’s not that someone is being greedy but rather finding a comfort. When you have found yourself in a very vulnerable position or are upset, you react in a way that makes you feel in control. For some, they are angry at other people. Others can find they drink to stop the pain and many others also look at eating. Food is a comfort thing because to someone who is in pain emotionally, they think this is their crux, their platform that they can control. It might seem strange but it’s an emotional thing and it’s one which is very hard to come back from. Food can be that tool, the pain-free one, that allows someone to feel in control and happier with their life.

Is It Possible To Stop Hurting With Food?

While you are eating, you can mask the pain if that is your comfort blanket. Most people feel a lot better when they’re eating, whether they’re hungry or not and feel as though their troubles are lifted. However, once you have stopped eating and that sugar rush has abated, you are sure to feel the pain once again. Food is masking the pain and nothing else because once you have stopped, it’s still there and it will make you feel far worse. It’s something which a lot of people go through on a daily basis and it’s so awful. Eating may mask the feelings you have but again, they won’t make them go away forever. Only you can make those pains go away by making a change.

How to Break the Cycle 

To be honest, it isn’t easy to break away from eating to stop the pain. Your body is in a vulnerable and very emotional state and, as such, you can feel eating is the only way to help your situation. It’s ironic because some eat because of their weight problems and believe eating comforts them, and yet afterward they feel very bad and emotionally worse.

“As soon as you start looking for food, stop,” Dr. Sarah Allen, PsyD, advised. “Think, ‘Am I hungry? Do I need food in my stomach, or is one of my triggers going off? What do I need right now?’”

It truly is hard to break away from that cycle which is why you need some help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can talk to someone about why you eat to stop the pain and find a simpler way to overcome this problem. View more from http://www.today.com/health/how-lose-weight-your-30s-6-habits-start-now-t112351

Food Won’t Stop the Pain

When you are feeling low and look at food as a comfort thing, don’t believe it’s going to solve all your problems. It’s like when you have a drink of alcohol. You can drink the bottle, feel better but in the morning, the problems are still there and nothing has changed. It’s the same with food, and for that reason, you have to do your part to find a way to stop the cycle. Find a positive outlet for your pain and the hurt you feel. You could talk to a doctor for help and there are lots of support groups out there too. Eating to stop the pain—it’s a nice thought but not a viable one.