The 2018 Obesity Conference changed my way of thinking about my body, my health, and my life.

I have always been a big girl. That is what my Nana and Papa called me. Big-boned, big girl – It’s in our genes, they said. My Mama also said that all I need is to have a kind and loving heart. But in today’s world, one of the ways you can succeed in life is to be respected and to be taken seriously. That’s how you do business. When you are as fast as I am, nobody will take you seriously.

My grades in law school were pristine. I was one of the top law students in my class, and I believed it when my Mama said that I am a lovely girl. But I was 150 kilos at 5 foot four inches tall. Yes, I was big. I was heavy. I was morbidly obese. And at that time, I also broke my heart. My first ever heartbreak.

Melvin took an interest in me. At first, I thought he wanted to be my boyfriend because I was a beautiful person, inside and out. Later on, I found out that he only needed my study notes. He even managed to say nasty things about me and my weight.


Because of that, I went to the obesity conference and finally had the motivation to get into physical exercise coupled with a diet plan. I met my trainer there, Andrea. And also, my nutritionist, Alex. They worked on my body and my mind. Andrea was understanding of my ability in doing physical movements and was very patient with me. Alex gave me the best diet plan ever – something that did not take away my need for chocolate but was still healthy eating.

Now, almost two years after the Conference, I am 50 kilos lighter, and yes, more attractive physically and mentally. My Mama was right. I am beautiful, and I am smart too. Men ask me out not just for my notes. But also because they like what they see. I know better now, though.

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