The Keys To Wellness (Mental)




There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing which is wholeness. Three things are needed to accomplish that wholeness: time, knowledge, and self-reflection. The third key requires much of the latter due to it being the hardest to detect out of the four. There are many myths about mental illnesses that we are going to debunk quickly before talking about what constituted mental illness is. The other three keys all contribute in the management of this key as well.


Debunking common myths about mental health

Surprisingly there are a few ever growing myths about mental illness that needs to be addressed first before you read any further. The following sentences hold no truth whatsoever:

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Fixing And Maintaining Bridges



There are many aspects of our mental health that we don’t address every day. One of the most common factors that are affected by mental illness is our social interactions. We, as human beings, should never forget that a healthy social life is very crucial to us. This is why when we are not in good terms with someone important in our lives it will affect other spheres of our health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Like all aspects of holistic healing, our individual and unique lives are the most important factors. This article may not help you fix things with your parents whom you haven’t spoken to in many years, but it may put you on the right track to doing so, and possibly fixing that relationship.

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Finding Your Life Purpose



A purpose is an aspect of life that is one of the hardest for humans to come to terms with other than death. When people think of purpose, they think of something they could see themselves doing for the rest of their lives and enjoying every second of it. For some people this is true. However, for the vast majority, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Most of us feel that we either fill multiple purposes or have to shift through many situations to discover what ours truly is. Having outside help such as in definitely can go a step closer. This article is intended to help the latter possibly speed up the process of finding a job that fills ones with life with meaning. Feeling one’s life with an important task or job can do wonders for our mental and emotional health as with many aspects of holistic healing time, knowledge, and self-reflection is needed to achieve wholeness.

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The Keys To Wellness (Spiritual)



There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing which is wholeness. These keys in combination with time, self-reflection, and knowledge will aid you towards your goal. The fourth key is the most personal out of all the keys and there is no definite way to know if  this is unwell or even well. Spiritual health also requires the most effort as well since there are thousands of religions that we will not hit upon and who knows which one will speak the most to you. Still, this article will set you on the right path to discover your enlightenment.

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The Importance Of Surroundings




Look around your surroundings right now and what is the first feeling that comes to your mind? If relaxation, happiness, or satisfaction is not some of the words, then there is an issue with your environment that could be subtly affecting your emotional health. It is astounding just how big of a factor that our environment can play on our health indirectly. A clean room is followed in kind with a fresh mind. A clean mind is not one that is without a trace of perversion but one that lacks distracting thoughts such as, “I should clean up” when you should be spent focusing on ways to improve you. Curious if your surroundings is up to par?  Then read on.

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Showing Love Without Falling In It



Our love is a treasure that should always be on display, but only given to those that will value it four times the selling price. There are a surprising amount of people who think that being ‘nice’ or showing strangers love is dangerous to one’s health when it is quite the opposite. The opposition will say that these strong feelings should be reserved for our spouse and children unless you want to mislead someone with your feelings. This article will not only prove that this is entirely false, but that this kind of attitude is partially responsible for the lack of kindness and compassion in the world today.

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The Keys To Wellness (Emotional)




There are four keys to our overall health; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When all four of these keys are in a state that you are happy with, then one can achieve the ultimate goal of holistic healing which is wholeness. Time, self-reflection, and knowledge are vital to achieving this aim. The second key, emotional, is the most frequently changing and requires close attention of all the keys. There are many telltale signs that your emotional health is in disarray but the solutions, like many aspects of holistic healing, is personal as this article will attempt to solve general emotional issues that we as humans face every day. This needs immediate resolution early on if one wants to avoid being vulnerable to vicious habits such as alcohol, drug abuse, and the like, to the point of needing help with addiction.

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Weight And Body Issues

Body issues from a hundred years ago were very different from that of today. Back then, people wanted to be the perfect bride or the perfect gentleman but today, times have very much changed and it’s getting to a point where it’s very unhealthy. People today are fixated on weight and believe being a pound overweight is deadly. There are lots of misconceptions with weight but it seems more are dealing with body issues, more so than ever before.

Can Weight Problems Cause Body Issues?

In a way, weight can cause someone to become self-conscious about their body image. For example, when a woman is overweight or feels as though she’s bigger than what she would like, she can feel embarrassed to wear certain clothes. Some may also feel self-conscious leaving the house as they can feel people are staring at them. This can cause someone to become more self-conscious about their body image and can create an unhealthy body issue. This is happening more and more and it is all down to how people think others perceive them.

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Big And Not So Proud

Women and men dream of being thin throughout their lives, but being thin doesn’t come easy. You can eat healthily and exercise but still be a little bigger than what you would like. It’s human nature to be different and, in truth, being on the big side can be a very common thing for most people. Unfortunately, there are many who get to a point in their lives where weight overtakes all other things and becomes their sole focus.

How Do You Feel About Your Weight?

For some, they don’t mind being larger and even find it’s something that actually suits them. Some have been big at one point in their lives, lost a lot of weight and found that they looked far older and realized that becoming thing didn’t suit their new looks. It’s strange but true in a lot of cases. However, there have also been many who’ve lost weight and love their new looks. You can lose weight but not become too thin to the point that you would dislike yourself, something you should remember. Large and not so proud? You aren’t alone in this but you shouldn’t always be afraid to be who you are if that is who you love.

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Eating To Stop The Pain

What do you do when you are feeling unwanted, unloved, and upset? Do you reach for a bottle of wine? Do you reach for a lovely bar of chocolate? For most, they find comfort in food and while that might sound strange, it’s occurring more frequently than ever before. The truth is it’s almost too easy to eat to stop the pain we feel. Men and women do this—although women tend to get more publicity—and it’s a vicious cycle to break free from. Sometimes, it’s far easier to eat something to make you feel better about a situation or indeed your life. It’s far more common than it once was.

Why More Are Turning To Food

It’s not that someone is being greedy but rather finding a comfort. When you have found yourself in a very vulnerable position or are upset, you react in a way that makes you feel in control. For some, they are angry at other people. Others can find they drink to stop the pain and many others also look at eating. Food is a comfort thing because to someone who is in pain emotionally, they think this is their crux, their platform that they can control. It might seem strange but it’s an emotional thing and it’s one which is very hard to come back from. Food can be that tool, the pain-free one, that allows someone to feel in control and happier with their life.

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