Brokenhearted And Isolated: How Can You Survive?

My boyfriend and I broke up in the first week of March after six years of living together. It was unexpected on my part because we did not argue about anything on that day. In truth, I could only count with my right hand the number of times we had a lovers’ quarrel. But when I came home from work, I saw his suitcase by the door, realizing that he only waited to tell me that it’s over between us.

No matter how much I loved that man, I forced myself not to beg him to stay. Still, I could not help but ask how we ended up in that situation. His answer was, “We have gotten too in sync with each other; the spark is already gone.”

My ex-boyfriend said that slowly, but it felt like a hard slap on my face. What I thought was the strength of our relationship, he saw it as the most significant weakness. I knew then that I could not say or do anything to change his mind, so I let him go. And there I was, alone and brokenhearted.

The breakup, however, came at the most unfortunate time. A few days after my ex left, the quarantine orders rolled in my state. At the same time, my boss decided that it was best to work from home to avoid catching the coronavirus. Most of my colleagues were glad about that, but I was not.

I honestly wondered what awful things I might have done in my past lives to be in this situation. As it turned out, aside from being brokenhearted, I was also isolated. There was no worse combination than that.

Nevertheless, I am writing this in June. I have survived the isolation while mending my broken heart, even though it has appeared to be impossible at first. How?

Talk To Your Closest Friends

The first and only thing you can do at the moment is to talk to your best friends. They cannot hug you or hold your hand in support due to the pandemic, but they can listen to you for as long as necessary. All you need to do is open up them so that you can go through the grieving process more quickly.

Let Go Of Everything That Reminds You Of Your Failed Relationship

My breakup has made me realize that the person who leaves never brings any item that will remind them of your relationship. They typically do not touch them and leave the other person to find them. At least, that’s what my ex did to everything we bought or collected over the years.

No matter how expensive those objects are, you need to part with them to avoid remembering your failed coupling. The most satisfying way to do that is by burning the items, of course. But if it is impossible in your location, you can send them to the Good Will or Salvation Army.

Look For New Hobbies

The isolation has been excellent, considering I have not needed to act okay in front of anyone. When I attend Zoom meetings for work, I can say that I have just rolled out of bed so I have not had a chance to dress up. After that, I get to remain silent for hours, and no one tries to shake me.

I say that it has done me good because I felt bored with this routine and caused me to look for new hobbies. The fact that there are too many choices has occupied my mind for a while, so my broken heart heals slowly but surely.

Final Thoughts

It has been almost three months since my ex-boyfriend broke up with me and the pandemic broke out. Now, I can only see both as learning curbs, and I am ready to move on with my life.

How Quarantine Helps People Who Can’t Move On

For years, my house has served as a haven for my friends who want to run away from their problems in the big city. It is smack dab in the middle of a little ranch that I inherited from my parents, and there are no neighbors who may snoop around. In truth, the closest one lives on another farm, which is only accessible by car.

Before the quarantine, I had a new guest: my best friend, Olivia. She was in a long-term relationship with Alex—almost 12 years—and we all thought that it was the forever kind of love between them. They always looked happy and sweet together, which sometimes made me question if my beau and I were that in love. However, it eventually became revealed that Alex had been cheating on Olivia in the last six years.

When my best friend was relaying what happened to her relationship, my heart broke for her. I could see how hurt she was, weeping and staring into nothingness often. It did not help that Alex had been trying to call her, begging to “fix what they had.”

As much as I wanted to see Olivia smile again, though, I could not allow her to take Alex back. Those years of getting lied to were enough; she could find a much better guy than her ex.

My best friend might have protested and left my house if not for the travel restrictions due to the coronavirus. Thus, it feels like the quarantine can help people who can’t move on by giving you the luxury to:

Not See The Other Person For A While

The main benefit of being quarantined is that you cannot come to anyone else’s house. You need to stay at home as much as possible and only go out for groceries and medical needs. That’s how you can ensure your safety against COVID-19.

Of course, the quarantine prevents your ex from visiting you. No matter how much the man wants to come and try to woo you, the strict policy forbids him from doing so. It then offers you a chance to collect your thoughts and let go of your feelings before meeting that person again.

Unplug From Social Media

Social media platforms are similar to bear traps, in the sense that they can cripple you if you get caught in them. After all, considering the years of memories that you may have shared, you can log in and look at old photos of yourselves repeatedly. That makes it practically impossible for you to get over the failed relationship.

The quarantine does not sound too bad because of this issue. Your work may halt, and your loved ones are home, so you need not be online every day. This opportunity prevents you from reminiscing and playing with the idea of getting back with your ex.

Focus On Yourself

Another incredible thing about this quarantine is that you can focus on yourself again. You have likely forgotten how to do that due to being in a relationship for a long time. But since you are no longer shacking up with anyone, it will be effortless for you to remember who you are and can be.

I understand how unnatural it may be to think only of yourself at first. We have all had our fair share of breakups; we know that some people choose to stick with a cheater because that’s what’s comfortable. Despite that, once you focus on feeling whole, you won’t regret it.

Final Thoughts

My best friend has developed a practical outlook in life after doing everything mentioned above. Oliva has realized her worth as a woman; she won’t let anyone walk all over her. Even though it may take a while before she becomes ready to find a new man, what matters is that she has moved on finally.…

The Bliss Of Broken Family


The family is viewed as a basic unit of society. The family is considered as a significant contributor to one’s individuality, and part of this belief is the characteristic behavior of some individuals to conclude the character of others based on their family background.

Often than not, these people believe that someone who comes from a broken family will be most likely to have a failed marriage in the future. “[T]he fact remains that numerous empirical studies have found that those who experience a parental divorce are significantly more likely to divorce themselves,” writes Renée Peltz Dennison, Ph.D.

Our definition of having a perfect family streams from the fact that it is complete and no dissolution of marriage that’s going to happen. However, with the change of times, family structure has evolved, and there is now acceptance of the many forms of family notwithstanding its completeness towards the formation of the personality of the individual. 

“Children are living in many different kinds of families and households. A full 40 percent of them are not being raised by two married parents. Many are living with one parent, or with cohabiting parents, or with stepparents or grandparents, to name just a few of the most popular permutations,” writes Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.…

Can Unloving Someone Make You Happy? 

“He Is My World. I Could Not Imagine Life Without Him.” 

When I met him, my instinct did not deceive me that he has a thing for me and that I could confidently say. He made me feel special, yes, in everything he does; he made me feel like a VIP. As expected, I fell for his trap. I became too dependent on him without knowing if he also has special attention to me. I was hesitant to confront him, as he’s too coward to confess. In the end, we just let things happen as they were. Days go by and I realized how much I had given most of my time to him. I did not know that I tolerated our status unlabeled for two years because we were happy with each other as if we were officially together. Until that dreadful day came and I realized that I had no right over him when I learned that he was courting someone else. That very moment I felt numb, I wanted to cry, but not a single teardrop would fall off from my eyes. I wanted to scream so loud, but no sound would resonate from my throat, and the only thing that was clear to me that moment was the fact that my world is being taken away from me. I was scared to lose him as he was my ALL. But I forgot we had no particular connection. 

Motivation & Exercise Therapy: Interesting Ways To Make You Work Out

Exercise. People have a love and hate relationship with it. Everyone knows that the benefits of exercise can significantly impact a person’s physical and mental health. Many types of research support that exercise releases happy hormones called endorphins, thus stabilizing moods. In a way, exercise can be utilized as a complementary therapy to mental illnesses. Despite the many affirmations and significant benefits of exercise, there are still some people who don’t get into the system and practice it.

“Many people skip the workout at the very time it has the greatest payoff. That prevents you from noticing just how much better you feel when you exercise,” Michael Otto, PhD, says.…

Psychiatry Advice: How To Help A Spouse With Depression

Depression affects approximately 16.1 million Americans and this mental illness can take a toll on their lives as well in their spouse and family’s lives. The divorce rates are escalating as an effect of irreconcilable differences due to a psychological condition, and feelings of hopelessness towards living together. Divorce-proofing your marriage is said to be a hopeless tactic since nobody knows what the future brings, but taking proactive steps is also one way to curb the anxiety of possible divorce. It is often best to strengthen the foundations of marriage than to repair damages.